Technologies Inspired by Life
Molecular Physiology
1 BM Isolation, purification and characterization of Biomolecules with LC-MS/ GC-MS (Primary and Secondary metabolites, biosurfactants, quorum sensing molecules) Price on Request
2 BM Microbial enzyme activity analysis and characterisation 1500 per enzyme per sample
3 BM Isolation and purification of microbial bio-surfactants 5000/-per sample per strain
4 BM Quorum sensing molecule extraction and purification 5000/-per sample per strain
5 BM Quantitative estimation of Biomolecules with HPLC (Including sample processing and data analysis) 1500/- per sample  
+ 1500/- per standard
6 BM Quantitative estimation of Heavy metals with AAS (Including sample processing and data analysis) 600/- per sample per metal
7 BM Identification of presence/ absence of gene in microbes 2500/- per sample
8 BM Qualitative analysis of Gene Expression with conventional PCR methods 4000/- per gene per sample
9 BM Semi-Quantitative analysis of Gene Expression with real time PCR methods 5000/- per sample per gene 
+ 5000/- per standard gene
10 BM Ligand structure conversion from chemical structure to 2D/3D form, or different format. Price on Request
11 BM Modelling of protein or ligand Price on Request
12 BM
Docking of ligand to protein to check its binding stability. Price on Request 
13 BM
Molecular Dynamics Simulation 
Price on Request