Technologies Inspired by Life
Research Services
The Aakaar Biotech serves clients nationwide with contract research services on plant, animal and microbes system covering almost all type of studies from organism level to molecular level. 
Organism Identification  
Morphological, Biochemical and Molecular characterization of organisms 

Organism and Environment 
Bioremediation, Plant- Microbe Interaction, Microbe- Microbe Interaction and other type of interactions, elemental detection, environmental sample characterization. 

Organism Physiology 
Metabolism studies, Primary and Secondary metabolite mesaurement studies, Organism behaviour and population dynamics etc., mircobial growth analysis, miminum inhibitory concentration, plant growth analysis. 

Cellular Physiology 
Cytotoxic studies, Cellular metabolic status, Expression analysis of proteins and genes associated with various signaling pathways. 

Molecular Physiology 
Isolation and characterization of biomolecules, metabolites etc., organic synthesis of biosimilars.