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Industrial Research Training Program  17-18
Why Us? 
Best quality training as per industrial research requirements.
No experimental demo but full hands on experience on instruments and techniques at individual level. 
Unique research topics to each student. 
Customized modules are also available to learn what you want.

Long Term Training Modules 
(1-6 Months) 
Animal Cell Culture and its Application 
ACC01- Anticancer Compounds Screening  
ACC02- Immunotoxicological Testing of Compounds in Cell Lines 
ACC03- Drugs or Phytomolecules Efficacy Testing  
ACC04- Embryonic stem cell culture and further differentiation 
Microbes: Products and Applications  
MPA01- Restriction Enzyme Isolation and Characterization  
MPA02- Quorum Sensing Molecule Isolation and Characterization  
Biochemistry: Molecular Studies  
BC01- Introduction to Proteomics 
BC02- Enzyme Isolation and Characterization  
Food Technology: Adulteration and Contamination Testing  
FT01- Detecting Contamination and Adulteration in Food 
FT02- Nutritional Analysis of Food 

Plant and Medicine: Phytochemicals Extraction and Activity Analysis  
PM01- Extraction, Purification and Identification of Bioactive Compounds from dietary plants and their potential effects on cell lines  
Nanobiotechnology and its Application  
NB01- Nanoparticle Synthesis, Characterization and its Biological Activity Analysis 
Short Term Training Modules 
(7-15 Days) 
Animal Cell Culture- Basics 
Culture Media Preparation, Cell Line Maintenance including culture and its preservation, Cytotoxicity Assay, Genotoxicity Assays 
Introduction to Molecular Techniques  
Isolation of DNA, RNA and Proteins from different sources and their characterization with gel electrophoresis. 
Microbial Culture, Preservation and Stock Maintenance 
Microbial isolation from different sources, their purification, biochemical characterization and preservation for stock 
Protein Expression Analysis 
Isolation of protein from different sources and their characterization with SDS-PAGE and further expression analysis with western blotting 
Gene Expression Analysis  
Isolation of mRNA from plant and animals, cDNA preparation and PCR and expression analysis with agarose gel electrophoresis 
Introduction to Biochemical Laboratory 
Code of conduct, Experimental record maintenance, Data mining, Chemical handling, Instrument handling and maintenance, Pipetting, Chemical calculations, Sterilization, Washing Lab wares, Waste disposal, Statistical Data Analysis, Article writing, Data Presentation. 
Customized as per client’s requirements 
Client can also plan their experiment of interest to learn specific things.